United partners with The Islamic Seminary of America to offer an MDiv in Interreligious chaplaincy with a focus on Islam

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Why was this partnership created? Both schools understand that the work of chaplaincy involves an in-depth understanding of a range of religious traditions. That's why chaplains must have an MDiv and be ordained or officially recognized within a specific tradition in order to become certified chaplains. United has a long history of preparing MDiv graduates to work as chaplains across faith traditions and in a variety of settings. This partnership allows TISA's students who want to do interreligious chaplaincy with a focus on Islam to do so through an accredited MDiv program. 

Which school will be listed on my degree? The MDiv is issued by United. Graduates are invited to participate in United commencement and will be considered United alums.

When does this program start? TISA is accepting students for enrollment in this degree program starting in January of 2021.

How long will it take to earn this degree? This MDiv will follow a similar course schedule as United's current MDiv programs and can be completed in three years by taking a full course load of 24 credits per semester. Learn more here. 

Are United students who are not in the program able to take classes through TISA? Potentially. Some of the courses may be of interest to United students and could be taken as electives in United degree programs. More broadly, this partnership gives United's faculty and student body a resource for learning more about Islam, whether that's in the form of TISA courses, TISA faculty teaching courses as adjuncts for United, or co-curricular seminars offered for students.

Where do I apply? Interested students should apply through TISA's application process. 


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